This is one of the most pleasurable of our services for one of the most forgotten about body parts. Your feet carry you around every day, all day. It is time to give them a treat!

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Dry Feet?
Maybe you suffer with arthritis and your hands are always in pain? This treatment allows for your pores to open and drink the rich emollients of the lotion that penetrate your skin, leaving your hands feeling baby-soft. The warmth of the wax also has proven to be quite beneficial for those clients with sore muscles and joints in their hands and feet.


Pedicure75 minutes$61.00
Seasonal Treatment Pedicure90 minutes$76.00
Hot Stone Pedicure90 minutes$76.00
Pedicure with Paraffin Wax90 minutes$76.00
Gel Polish Pedicure90 minutes$71.00
Extended Massage15 minutes$16.00
Foot Soak and Leg Massage30 minutes$36.00
Toe Nail Reduction15 minutes$10.00
Polish Change15 minutes$26.00
Gel Polish Change45 minutes$38.00
French Pedicure75 minutes$68.00
Kids Pedicure (age 12 and under)30 minutes$36.00
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